About Us

Kabadixpress is a secured online platform which allows a user to book sale pick up call of any type of scrap, hassle free. You have the convenience of booking a pick up call through our website or mobile App (android and ios) at your convenient date and time slot. Our Scrap Hero (duly verified) will come on assigned date at your doorstep free of cost and buy all scrap available (conditions apply) at a pre-defined rate list available on our website as well as our mobile App. All weighment will be done through digital weighing scale. Payments will be made to you through mobile wallet. You have the option to donate the scrap as well which will contribute to various social activities that we will conduct from time to time. Our promotions will be visible in various online modes online. So, you can sell all your scrap, tension free. SCRAP BECHO, SHAAN SE.

Do you know who are the founders of Kabadixpress?

 Manish Goyal, 38years old entrepreneur working in the field of scrap management since 1997.


Do you know how he started his career?

You will be shocked to know, Manish started his career as a Hawker buying scrap all over West Delhi on his bicycle from 1997 till 2000. He felt people treat scrap business as DIRTY job and didn't gave respect to such people. That day itself, Manish decided to do something innovative in the field of scrap business that people start giving respect to this job as no work is dirty or small which is done in legitimate way.


What happened next..

Manish did lot of hardwork and didn't felt any shame in doing scrap business. So, he kept growing and opened his own scrap shop in 2001.

What next, in order to bring professionalism & transperancy in this field and to complete the supply chain in legitimate way, Manish Goyal joined hands with his friends Ashok Mittal & Vinod Kumar, who are also experts in same field of waste management from last decade who decided to make Kabadixpress Pvt Ltd which can provide an online platform for community to give any type of scrap material for recycling so that the whole transaction giving scrap which is today cumbersome can become an easy and ejoyable experience. This is their contribution towards Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan.


Crux of the story is NO WORK IS SMALL OR DIRTY, if you do any job with sheer HARDWORK and DEDICATION with GOD GRACE, nothing is impossible to ACHIEVE.